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Embrace the thriving community and local advancements in Port Coquitlam, the city gaining recognition as the next great place to live. Residents of PoCo also share a passion for fitness and well-being.

While maintaining a healthy diet and running are beneficial, they might not be enough to achieve your desired fitness level. To truly succeed, you need the support of a personal trainer in Port Coquitlam. Our personalized training services will not only keep you accountable and help you set achievable goals, but also accelerate your progress towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

If you reside in PoCo, consider yourself fortunate. With the finest personal trainer in Port Coquitlam at your side, staying fit will no longer be a concern.

Expert Personal Trainers in PoCo

Everyone seeks the guidance of an expert when striving for fitness and well-being. Gym enthusiasts are willing to invest extra resources to hire the right trainer.

Why spend a fortune on a fancy gym facility when you have the option of West Coast Iron Gym in your vicinity?


Meet Tim McCausland, our exceptional trainer known for his training excellence. With remarkable skills and extensive knowledge, Tim has successfully trained thousands of individuals, helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Tim boasts over 12 years of experience as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ensuring personalized guidance towards accomplishing your fitness aspirations.

Insights from the Trainer

Tim’s charismatic personality and profound understanding of health and fitness have captivated countless individuals. He is undoubtedly a master in his field.

As a local personal trainer, Tim takes responsibility for helping you surpass your personal fitness goals. He firmly believes that gym workouts should be exciting and engaging, not mundane. That’s why at West Coast Iron Gym, you can expect thorough supervision and an enjoyable training experience.

This approach has consistently resulted in customer satisfaction and delight over the years. As a dedicated personal trainer, Tim aims to be a part of your fitness journey, celebrating your achievements alongside you. It’s no wonder his personal training services are the talk of the town.


Affordable Fitness Training

Tim’s personal training services are reasonably priced, making them even more enticing. You can receive professional training without breaking the bank, fulfilling the dream of countless fitness enthusiasts.

Book Your Free Consultation Today!

Tim is renowned as the best PoCo personal trainer, capable of bringing satisfaction and fulfillment to his clients. If you’re considering embarking on a fitness journey and reside in Port Coquitlam, BC, you’re in luck. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Tim today.


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