Altered Electric Skateboard by Exkate

Altered Electric SkateboardLast summer, I was in San Clemente surfing and visiting some friends. While there, I was introduced to a new form of beach transportation and sidewalk surfing. My friends had three Altered electric skateboards that we used to ride down and check the surf before hauling our stuff to the beach.

Not only are these skateboards great for cruising around, they also make for a fun way to pass the time when the surf is down and you can’t shred in the water. In fact, Surfer Magazine made a comment on this innovative electric skateboard:

“Pushing, pumping, tic-tacking, it’s all so pathetically 90’s. Get over it. The skateboards of the future are all electric. And OK, it may not work for flippy-do tricks but harnessing the energy of the Exkate electric skateboard is the closest feeling to surfing you’re ever going to get on the pavement.”

The Exkate Electric Skateboard is one of the most exciting ways to sidewalk surf. If you live in a place where you can walk or ride your bike to the beach, try this new alternative mode of transportation. Depending on the model, you are looking at paying between $250- $500. This may seem a little pricey for a skateboard, but the Exkate Electric Skateboard is way more than just a skateboard. It’s a mode of transportation and something to do when the surf is down.


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