Blackline Traction Pad: The Vortex

The VortexMost surfboard traction pads are made very similar to each other and I’ve noticed most people seem to stick with one type that they are used to.

While picking out a traction pad for my new board I decided to go for something new for a change. I got a Blackline Manufacturing traction pad called “The Vortex”.

This three-piece traction pad features a medium sized arch and kick, which is what I prefer for maximum grip for the back foot. It is designed to allow water to flow easily over the pad and reduce drag.

It also has vents in the centerpiece that help with grip and make the pad lighter.

The Vortex On BoardI’ve been using this traction pad on my board for the past two weeks and so far it’s working great. Its been really easy to get my back foot set up on this pad right off the take off and it provides excellent grip throughout hard turns.

This surfboard traction pad will cost you around $34, which is about the average price of any traction pad.

You can find them at most surf shops, or purchase them online from various online surf shops.

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