Clay Marzo Just Add Water: Professional Surfer’s Battle with Asperger’s Syndrome

Most surf movies fit in to one of two categories. They are either a collection of the best footage from the best surfers put to an exciting soundtrack, or a documentary of some sort of exotic surf travel experience with a very artistic touch.

Every now and then you get a good surf movie about surf history, but there’s not much more that can be done in that arena as most topics have been covered already. “Clay Marzo: Just Add Water” is a nice break from the usual surf movies that we see coming out regularly each year. It tells Clay’s unique story of discovering that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism, and learning to deal with it.

“Clay Marzo: Just Add Water” is filled with interviews of other professional surfers, Clay’s family and friends, and medical professionals. In the beginning, they describe Clay as the best 18 year-old surfer in the world, and have the footage to prove it. They also tell you of Clay’s awkwardness in public settings, and how he struggles to interact normally with other people while traveling as a professional surfer.

This surf movie then documents Clay’s discovery of having Asperger’s Syndrome, and how he is dealing with it. The medical professionals in the movie say the best way to deal with Asperger’s Syndrome is just to be aware of it, and work with yourself to interact more normally with others. Throughout this surf movie you can see Clay’s improvement as he is placed in different situations.

Aside from the story of Clay and the interviews, “Clay Marzo: Just Add Water” contains incredible surfing, and lots of it. Many people with Asperger’s Syndrome have certain areas of expertise, or certain things that they can focus on so well that they become the best in the world at those things. Clay’s “thing” is surfing, and he is amazing to watch.

He pulls some of the most ridiculous tricks I’ve ever seen and he makes them look good. I think the best part has to be Clay and his friends surfing at home in Maui. There, Clay seems to be relaxed and having the most fun. Being a Quiksilver film, this surf movie also briefly features top surfers like Dane Reynolds and Kelly Slater. “Clay Marzo: Just Add Water” draws you into the captivating story line and keeps you entertained with world class surfing. It’s definitely worth the buy.

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