Dane Reynolds First Chapter Surf Movie

Dane Reynolds“Dane Reynolds First Chapter” shows what Dane Reynolds is capable of in all different conditions. He showcases his ability in Morocco, Portugal, France, Oahu, Maui, West Africa, and his hometown in California.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this movie will be boring because it features only one surfer. Dane Reynolds really blows up in this surf film, demonstrating incredible airs and pure surfing talent.

This surf movie is very fast-paced, moving from location to location with short commentaries by Dane. While the movie focuses on Dane, there are short clips of him surfing with other guys from the Quiksilver team and his close friends back home. Ry Craike and Clay Marzo each have some good footage in this surf film.

Dane Reynolds Surf MovieI saw Dane Reynolds First Chapter for the first time about a year ago, and never thought to put it back on again. After watching it this last time, it has instantly become a favorite.

I don’t know if I was paying good enough attention the first time, but Dane Reynolds First Chapter is really an awesome surf movie, deserving a place in your collection.

And did I mention that the DVD case itself is awesome? It’s sewn, paper-clipped, and rubber-banded together with notes from Dane about his movie ideas. Even if the movie wasn’t good, I might still buy it for the really cool packaging.

Watch the trailer here:

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