Freds Wave: The Ultimate Replica

Check out this video:  (a well spent 53 seconds of your life):

As you can tell by the size of the wave, and the fact that it is powered by the back wheel of a truck, this is not the final product, simply a scale model.  But, if you surfed a wave that good whenever you wanted, how much better would you be in real waves?  Preparation or practice aside, how sweet would it be to surf endless waves that perfect, even inside a tank?

A surfer from Australia named Fred Coblyn engineered this design and has been doing everything possible over the past couple years to make it into a full functioning wave pool.

Wave Pools are nothing new. They are scattered amongst water parks all over the world. Japan’s Ocean Dome is possibly the most respected man made wave pool ever, producing full on barrels before it shut down.  Still, I have never heard or seen anything quite as beautiful as Fred’s Wave.

He set out to produce a quality wave that would allow for a safe surfing environment and be affordable to the general public.  The most unique feature of his design is an artificial reef, keeping surfers safe as it allows the wave to break in deeper water.  Not only that, but the artificial reef can also adjust and change shape to vary the level of the wave to meet the ability of the surfer.  Sounds too good to be true, huh?  But Fred seems pretty legit.

He has spent the last few years researching and developing a full functioning plan of how the whole thing can be affordable, yet profitable.  Cost efficiency has been a big part of his scheming among a list of safety and operating ideas.  Fred has come up with a plan that involves two separate reefs, the first more high performance, breaking at 1.3 meters, and the second at about 1 meter with a smaller curl that will be more ideal for beginners.  The cost effective part comes from the wave reforming on the second reef, for another surfer, spending no extra energy.  His first pool is set to be constructed outside of Brisbane, Australia.  Due to funding, he plans to build it in stages: first the pool, then the wavemaker, and finally the reefs.

Fred seems to be a guy who has created an awesome product and is just looking for the best way to fund it and get it out to the public at an affordable price.  Fred stated his goal: “Our main objective is to find and show perspective customers what is possible and then those with real desire and that fully understand the potential, can assist in acquiring funding.  We have reached this point without venture capitol for the benefit of all.”

We all know that when you compare a wave pool to the real thing, there is no comparison, Rick Kane taught us all that.  But, if a wave like that is an option at an affordable price, you are stoked no matter what.  Still, Rick Kane would have killed for a wave like this back in Arizona  . . . killed.

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