Machapu Adventures: Plan Your Next Surf Trip to Peru

Since my recent posts on my surf trip to Chicama, Peru I have had several comments on how amazing the surf is on the Peruvian Coastline. I could not agree more. There are so many waves and spots to see if you ever plan to surf Peru. Another thing that I have come across is an awesome surf adventure company that specializes in making your surf trip to Peru the best possible.

Machapu Adventures is a company dedicated to assisting traveling surfers by offering them a personalized surf trip and custom tours throughout Peru’s incredible coastline. On their website,, you can go through the different tours and prices that they offer and pick the surf trip best suited for you and those traveling with you. They’re not the cheapest way to travel, seeing as their prices are higher than what it would cost to rough it on your own. But they do have some amazing accommodations and very reliable transportation that will provide you with a very smooth and stress free Peruvian surf trip.

If a more luxurious and comfortable surf trip is what you are looking for, Machapu Adventures is probably the best Peru has to offer. They have a talented and knowledgeable staff and plenty of experience. Take a look at their website and see if these guys are what you want for your next surf trip to Peru.

Started by local Peruvian surfers, Machapu Adventures can offer custom surf tours for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Your trip will be a real experience in surifng with true locals who know every wave like the backs of their hands. The following are just a few of the better-known spots that can be included in your tour:


As a guest of Machapu, you’ll automatically have VIP status at every wave (and there are many). These are just a few of the city breaks that are located in the central Miraflores – Chorrillos area:

Tres picos




Punta Roquitas

La Herradura – one of the best waves in Peru.

Cerro Azul

A friendly fishing village and one of Peru’s classic surf towns made famous in the 1960’s, Cerro Azul was once visited by the Beach Boys, and is mentioned in their song, “Surfing Safari”. Perfect lefts start at the point and rights break along the pier. With almost always perfect waves with long, clean lines, and only about two hours from Lima, Cerro Azul is a longboarder’s dream.

Paracas Nature Preserve

Located on the island of San Gallan, here you will find one of the best right point breaks in Peru. This remote location takes a while to get to… 3.5 hours on the road and then 1/2 an hour by boat. But, once there, you’ll find an empty line-up and a heavy, usually hollow and way overhead wave. Experienced surfers only, and you’ll also find other quality breaks on the road trip in from Lima.

La Ensenada

For experienced surfers only. Located just 50 minutes from Lima, when conditions are right, this can be a heavy and powerful left.

Puerto Viejo

Just 1.5 hours from Lima, this wave can get sizable, but also offers an easy tapered take-off. This left break extends for hundreds of yards and is accessed via an easy paddle through a keyhole channel, or by walking down the beach to the channel and paddling out from the inside.

San Bartolo

Home to champion surfer Sofia Mulanovich, this is Peru’s premier surf town. Located just a half hour from Lima, there are five main waves that break inside the shelter of a bay. Right near San Bartolo are more waves, Peñascal, Peña Rosa, Huayco and Santa Rosa, the last three being true performance wedges that often barrel and get hollow.

Punta Rocas

This is the spot where one of the first World Surfing Championships was held back in the 1960’s, and one of Peru’s most famous breaks. A right that can hold double overhead.

Punta Hermosa

Four very different waves are found here:

Kontiki – an offshore A-frame accessed by boat and for very experienced surfers only.

La Isla – a heavy right, for experienced surfers only.

El paso – A long barreling right that gets super hollow and super fast, can get double overhead.

Pico Alto – Southern Peru’s big wave that rivals Mavericks, expert only, can hold 20 feet plus, tow-in is usually needed.

Señoritas and Caballeros

Two spots (Ladies and Gentlemen) that break left and right. Consistently perfect, long rides, left can get wedgy and hollow.


Consistent and clean, good for kids and beginners.


Hollow, heavy barrels, mostly body boarders.

Isla ballena (Whale Island)

Very remote, large location, can only be accessed by boat. One of Peru’s best rights, very heavy barrel, often in the 12 to 15 foot range.

And last but not least, the world’s longest left – Chicama!

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