Nezzy: N1 Performance Shortboard

A couple of summers ago I picked up a 6’0’’ Nezzy N1 Performance shortboard. In the last two years I have surfed this Nezzy shortboard in both Southern California and Hawaii, and have learned to appreciate and understand Tom Nesbit’s design. This board has been one of the best all around boards that I have ever owned.

Nezzy Surfboards make a variety of both custom and regular surfboards. The N1 Performance Shortboard is Nezzy’s basic pre-designed shortboard that’s available to the public.

This board is made for surf ranging from knee high to slightly overhead waves. It’s design includes a moderate single to double concave bottom and also comes in a 5’10” to 6’6” recommended size range.

The N1 comes with a couple tail options including a squash, rounded pin or swallow tail. My 6’0” Nezzy shortboard has a squash tail, which I prefer for my all around board due to its many capabilities.

I have surfed this board for over two years and I have been very happy with it. The only problem that I have had has to do with the FCS fins that I got to go with it. I have always had problems with FCS because I seem to always break the plugs out. I would recommend getting the N1 with future fins.

You might also explore the option of getting the new FCS plugs since they have made some major improvements in the last year. I picked my Nezzy shortboard up for $300 used, and today you’re looking at about $550 for a new one.

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