Roxy Bikinis for Surfer Girls

Before I started surfing, I used to wear any ol’ bikini whether it was from Target, Old Navy, or wherever. I didn’t want to throw down for a really expensive, high-quality suit because I used to just lay out and play beach games in the sand. The day I wore my cheapie old suit out to surf, I learned real quick that I needed something a lot more durable.

My First Roxy Bikini

Roxy BikiniLuckily, for my birthday one year, my boyfriend bought me a really nice Roxy bikini. It fit my body perfectly! The top is a halter tie with lightly padded cups, and a clasp for the back.

The bottom is a simple brief cut that fits just snug enough around my tush. It is made up of 80% Nylon, and 20% Lycra, with the lining made of 100% Polyester. When I wore it for a test ride, it felt 100 times better, way more secure, and withstood the whitewater paddle out, the waves, and the wipeouts! It has just enough lining in the cups so when I’m cold, people can’t tell.

It also gives just enough shape to make me feel good about my girls. The amount of elastic in the bottom is just right for the shape of my bum and muscular legs. I give credit to the creators of this masterpiece, especially the sizes. I usually have a hard time finding things that fit my petite physique, but they are right on!

Function Comes First

When it comes to choosing a good swimsuit to surf in, consider function before fashion. Why?

First of all, nothing is more annoying than for your bikini top to roll up after you scored a sweet ride.

Secondly, God forbid, you might have HBS (hungry butt syndrome) and get a wedgie every time you swing your legs around to sit up on your board.

And last but not least, you need to have a dependable suit that can withstand the power of ocean waves.

What to look for when buying a bikini to surf in:

Roxy BikiniLet’s start at the top by comparing halter bikini tops to string bikini tops. If you have an athletic build, the halter top with thicker straps are better for more muscular upper bodies.

Support is important, and the halter gives a cut-shape to the shoulders to make the arms look more feminine. Triangle (string) tops are much more likely to come untied, shift across the chest, or roll up to your neck.

Another pet peeve of the triangle tops is bunching of the cups, or crumpling of the inner cup lining.

Roxy Bikini

The perfect balance to a wet-suit top is a sexy bikini bottom.

Low-slung tiny boy briefs lessen the look of broader legs, an offer more of a full back to keep you covered while you’re catching lefts and rights.

Steer clear of tie-bottoms, for the same reason as the string tops… only this time you could lose your britches altogether. Just hope no one is out recording your session for bloopers.


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