Self-Defence for Kids

Empowering our children with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves is an essential aspect of their overall well-being. In today’s world, where safety concerns are prevalent, teaching children about self-defense is not only practical, but it also instills confidence, assertiveness, and critical thinking skills. Self-defense is not about promoting violence, but rather about equipping children with the tools to recognize, avoid, and respond to potential dangers in a safe and effective manner. In this article, we will explore the importance of self-defense for children and why it should be an integral part of their education. From understanding personal boundaries to developing physical and mental strength, self-defense empowers children to be proactive, aware, and capable of protecting themselves in various situations. Join us as we delve into the benefits of self-defense for children and how it can make a positive impact on their overall safety and well-being.

Provide your children with the long lasting gifts of individual achievement, certainty, discipline and self-preservation.
…all while ensuring they have some good times.

Krav Maga classes for youngsters are based around authenticity. No katas, no wood cleaving. Simply a practical framework that the children love.

We are waiting for you – Kids Krav Maga – SGS KRAV MAGA


  • Kids Krav Maga ages 4+
  • Junior Krav Maga ages 7+


  • Self-Protection;
  • Self-assurance;
  • Discipline;
  • Wellness;
  • Increment social mindfulness


  • 10 understudies for each teacher


Kids and youngsters are in many cases more powerless against actual assaults. Subsequently, getting a down to earth, undeniable level self-protection expertise is significant for any circumstances that they might coincidentally find in their daily existence. SGS Krav Maga Children preparing will show them practical self-protection methods that are successful against menaces, yet any grown-up aggressor too.

The educational plan incorporates answers for clashes or rough circumstances that are generally normal for each age bunch. Normal circumstances they will figure out how to manage incorporate slaps, punches, kicks, shirt getting, neck snatching, gagging, and being tossed to the ground. Youngsters and youth are instructed to perceive conceivable risk circumstances, the most effective way to keep away from them, and safeguard themselves against any actual assault.

This is likewise significant for the situation where they may be gone after by grown-ups in criminal attacks or sexual maltreatment. Kids and youngsters will be shown the best approach to protecting against a lot more grounded grown-up, getting away, and furthermore to report the occurrence to a power figure.

Kids additionally master significant abilities, for example, break-falling and moving that will assist them with falling securely. Aside from risk circumstances, this can come in valuable when they are playing, whether it is running, skating or cycling.

Very much like Krav Maga Worldwide examples for grown-ups, we show kids in a productive and fun manner so they can more readily shield themselves at school, in the jungle gym or in the city. We additionally put accentuation on the advancement of significant character attributes like self-restraint and fearlessness. Kids and youth get familiar with the capacity to settle on choices in unpleasant circumstances and knowing to utilize battling methods brilliantly.

Preparing is done by qualified teachers who have gone through unambiguous preparation for youngsters, and is directed in a protected climate with wellbeing measures to limit the gamble of injury.

WHY Pick US?

Educational plan
Our ongoing youngsters program provides food for 2 age gatherings:

Kids (4-7 yo)
Youngsters (7-12 yo)
As understudies progress and age, the program follows their advancement into adulthood. Notwithstanding Krav Maga methods, we cover (age-fitting) subjects, for example, how to adapt and arrangement to harassing terrorizing and peer pressure how to respond to dangers web hunters improvement of gross coordinated movements.
Genuine uses of the abilities that kids are instructed include:

guarding themselves, and safeguarding others.
creating certainty and mindfulness.
recognizing, stay away from and de-heighten dangers and risks.
further developing strength, perseverance and coordination.
Each of our teachers should attempt and hold:

GIC – General Educators Course (180 hours) accreditation
KIC – Children Educators Course (35 hours) affirmation
Emergency treatment preparing a legitimate WWCC (Working with Youngsters Check.)




One Comment
  • I started Krav Maga to learn self-defence.

    As a single mother, I wanted to know that I could protect my family if I had to. What I found at SGS Krav Maga was far more than a system of self-defence.

    The fitness benefits are a bonus (I’ve never been stronger!) Steve’s deep knowledge of and passion for Krav Maga means that, through him, I learned a way of thinking about my environment, how to assess risk, how to compensate for my weaknesses and utilize my strengths, how to de-escalate conflict… and when an attack is my best defence. His teaching isn’t linear because life isn’t linear: you’ll learn what you need to know not what the “colour of your belt” says you’re ready for. But more than the mindset and skillset, SGS gave me a community.

    I’ve learned as much from Steve and the instructors (who are, hands down, the best in the country) as I have learned from my partners and my peers. Join SGS Krav Maga. I can near guarantee that you’ll be fitter, more confident, laugh a whole lot, and learn to access and control an inner strength you may not have known was in you.


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