Billabong Surf Movie: Stepping Stones

In 2002, Billabong Surf Company released the Bali Strickland film “Stepping Stones.” This film features the best “under 20” surfers from 2002, and follows their journeys in pro surfing. These surfers include Luke Dorrington, Wade Goodall, Bede Durbidge, Jordy Smith, Ace Buchan, Shaun Cansdell, Nate Yeomans and many more. “Stepping Stones” also features pro Surfers Andy Irons, Taj Burrow and Joel “Parko” Parkinson. There are also a lot of Australian groms in this film.

This Billabong surf movie is pretty entertaining, and contains loads of awesome footage. I’m not a huge fan of the music selection, mainly because it seems to be all over the place, switching from fast to slow and then back again. I enjoyed this film, but comparing it to some of the Taylor Steele films I have watched recently, it is just not the same. If you’re looking for good surfing “Stepping Stones” has it. Just don’t expect a unique artistic take like other surf movies that are out there today.


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