Finding Aloha – A New Movie Exploring the Aloha Spirit

In one word, the movie Finding Aloha is: Incredible.

Every now and then, you watch a movie that catches you by surprise with its amazing cinematography and powerful message – Finding Aloha does just that. It draws you in with its spectacular footage, teaches you the importance of love & friendship, and challenges you to live each day as if it were your last.

Chances are, you’ve never heard of the amazing people in this movie, but that’s what makes it so powerful. Finding Aloha is much more than just a surf film, it is a documentary about real people living real lives, not a caravan of pro surfers running around 3rd world countries shouting about how lucky they are to surf perfect waves.

It explores the way of life of a few dedicated people who not only live life to the fullest, but share their life and spirit with the world. Finding Aloha is about finding inner peace with yourself and sharing that with the world.

Aloha is a word that creates incredible imagery in our minds – surfing, Hawaii, palm trees, blue ocean & laid-back vibes. But the actual meaning of Aloha is much deeper than just a weeklong trip to an exotic south pacific locale.

Aloha is a way of life, and something that everyone’s soul needs to find…it represents inner peace with one’s self, and others. The movie states that, “to find aloha is to live aloha,” meaning that aloha is a state of mind, not something only found in Hawaii, but rather a spirit that should be spread around the world through living pure and sharing with others.

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