Burn: A Metal Storm Entertainment Surf Movie

“Burn” was released in 2005 by Metal Storm Entertainment, and features 17 of the world’s top surfers of that time. This surf movie, sponsored by Quiksilver, Converse, and Transworld Surf, brings surfers like Andy and Bruce Irons, Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Jamie O’Brien, Mark Healey, and Clay Marzo together in one epic film. The surfing in “Burn” takes place all over the world and in all kinds of conditions. The movie moves quickly from surfer to surfer, keeping your attention till the end.

One thing I like about “Burn” is that many of the surfers are interviewed about a variety of things such as life on the pro tour, to what life was like growing up and becoming pro surfers. It keeps you interested to learn personal things about these guys rather than just see them rip apart waves, which they are really good at.

If you’ve read any of my posts about videos that Clay Marzo is in, such as my review on “Clay Marzo: Just Add Water”, then you wont be surprised to know that I love his section in this movie. Even at barely 15 years old, Clay is an amazingly talented surfer. The way he pulls off his airs and turns is so much different than everyone else in the movie.

Another favorite section of mine is Bruce Irons. There is one wave in the beginning of his section where he pulls off one of the most insane drops right into the barrel that I have ever seen and he somehow makes it out. He also does some of the craziest layback slashes I have ever seen. “Burn” is a couple years old now, but I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the surfing is still incredible by today’s standards, and it is definitely worth your time to sit down and watch it.

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