Dakine Surfboard Racks

There are so many different types of surfboard racks available to the public. In fact, I have owned and used several different types. But, in my opinion, the best, most reliable and strongest surfboard racks are a set made by Dakine.

Along with several other products made exclusively for extreme sports, Dakine offers one main style of surfboard rack that is targeted at cars that already have a some type of car rack system. There are other companies that make surfboard racks that are for cars without any type of rack system, but a Dakine surfboard rack combined with an existing car rack is, in my opinion, the safest and strongest way to transport a surfboard on top of a car.

There are two main things that must be purchased from Dakine in order to complete the surfboard racks: rack pads and tie down straps. The reason that they sell the two items separately is to allow you the opportunity to customize your surfboard racks to the surfboards you will be strapping on your car. The rack pads Velcro over your existing car racks providing padding between the car racks and your surfboard.

They come in two sizes that you can choose from, depending upon to the width of your surfboard. If you are strapping a longboard on your car you’re going to want the long rack pads, and if you are only going to be strapping shortboards on your car you are be better off with the regular rack pads.

The second item to purchase would be the tie down straps. These are some of the easiest and most well made tie down straps that I have ever seen. There are basically two options available: two 12’ straps or one 20’ strap. This means that you can either strap your board down with one strap on the front and one on the back, or, simply use one long strap and wrap it around both the front and back racks.

I have used these surfboard racks for years and they are still going strong. They are definitely capable of holding several surfboards at once. I have put four boards on mine at once and they were safe as can be. If you have car racks and are looking for a safe way to strap your surfboards on top, the Dakine Racks are your answer. You will love these surfboard racks.


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