Made for Every – BODY


Made for your wellness journey

Eco premium products to support and empower you in comfort on and off the mat.

Ethically and sustainably created with organic cotton.

Purposefully designed and created for your well-being journey. Eco products to support and empower you in comfort on and off the mat.

Our all-day lifestyle and complimentary active wears are suitable for all wellness modalities, nature lovers, comfort seekers, and for all those that enjoy wearing feminine, breathable, and organic wears out and about; perhaps meeting friends day or night!

Our beautiful wears will soon become your go-to for every occasion!

O & A are changing the way you move and feel on and off the mat.

We choose organic & sustainable comfort, do you?

A large part of our motivation behind birthing One & Aum was to bring durability, functionality, support, and most of all, organic & sustainable comfort to people on their wellness journey – and or helping / guiding others to optimal health.

Moving away from discomfort and towards a feeling of nourishment and freedom to shine, without physical distractions and restrictions.

O & A Affiliate Community

Join the conscious movement in unity towards greater well-being of each other and the planet.

Refer our eco wellness wears and products to family, friends, and or your social media followers, and receive commission paid monthly for every sale.

If you are passionate about conscious fashion like we are, or perhaps you love our clothing and or resonate with our brands ethos; either or, we’d love to hear from you!

Are you a Wellness Practitioner and / or Teacher?

If so, SAVE 15% on your next order!

If you’re a Wellness Practitioner and or Teacher in the holistic health realm, please email us with your name, place of work, and or your social profile link. We will respond with your discount code. Namaste.

As Featured In T A T L E R

T A T L E R is a high-profile publication of the Conde Nast Group, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and GQ.

We were approached by the Conde Nast Group, requesting to do a feature on our Wellness Lifestyle & Active Jumpsuit.

T A T L E R was our featured choice, as they are a lifestyle magazine with a stronger focus now more than ever, on the optimal well-being of their large readership and sustainable fashion.

Our organic and sustainable Jumpsuit was featured in their ‘Self Care Summer’ and the ‘Wellness Edit’ pages in 2022.

One & Aum emerged from the shared vision of Kim Bingham and Victoria Beddi, who sought to create a community that values conscious eco-friendly comfort and support, both on and off the mat. They offer a range of all-day lifestyle and active wear products designed to enhance your wellness journey—purposeful, functional, durable, complimentary, and comfortable. Their products are made sustainably and sourced ethically.

One & Aum’s wears and products cater to various wellness practices, nature enthusiasts, comfort seekers, and anyone who appreciates feminine, breathable, and organic clothing that allows them to go about their day comfortably. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee or enjoying a cocktail with loved ones, their collection is perfect for you.

Kim Bingham and Victoria Beddi’s connection grew as they practiced yoga together over the years. With Kim’s 15 years of experience in the wellness industry and business, and Victoria’s 15 years of experience in fashion design and buying, they came together in perfect harmony, sharing creative and purposeful ambitions.

Before the inception of One & Aum, they realized that wearing tight and environmentally harmful clothing during yoga, meditation, or leisure activities hindered their experiences. They desired comfort and the freedom to be their authentic selves without distractions. If you can relate to this, it’s no surprise you’re reading their story. Like-minded individuals are drawn together. A warm welcome to you—One & Aum is delighted that you’ve found them. They’ve got you covered.

Motivated to support and empower their community on the path to holistic well-being, One & Aum offers eco-friendly products. These products are designed for every body, with the intention of inspiring individuals to honor their best and most authentic selves, imperfections and all.

One & Aum is a game changer in the wellness industry. The name “One & Aum” embodies inclusivity, authenticity, and the connection to oneself, others, and mother nature. “Aum” refers to a sacred sound believed to encompass all other sounds within the universe according to ancient philosophical texts. It signifies the oneness that unites us all.

Driven by the desire to foster inclusivity, authenticity, and connection, One & Aum has built a conscious community that continues to evolve, united in the understanding that we are all interconnected. Together, they journey towards feeling better and living better.

To manufacture their wears, One & Aum collaborates with Dewata Bali Manufacturer, an ethical and environmentally conscious producer based in Bali. Dewata supports local families of skilled artisans and craftsmen, providing them with a supportive and safe working environment. They utilize high-quality organic materials to create unique artisan products that require exceptional craftsmanship, resulting in thoughtfully crafted, long-lasting pieces. Dewata contributes to transforming the way you move and feel, whether on the mat or elsewhere.

In addition, One & Aum engages in numerous collaborations with like-minded businesses and conscious individuals who share similar values and intentions. Together, they strive to enhance their community and offerings, providing enriching products to support your wellness journey.

One & Aum is located in Torquay, on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. The team at One & Aum eagerly looks forward to connecting with you. Follow their journey through their online social channels, O & A, to gain insight into their world behind the brand!

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