Ocean Sunglasses: Eye Protection While Surfing

I’ve never really thought about wearing sunglasses while surfing, but it makes sense.We make sure we have our shades on when we step out the door on a sunny day and others even “wear their sunglasses at night”. So why not wear shades while we surf all day in the sun?The answer is simple; sunglasses would fall off in the surf. Luckily, Ocean Sunglasses has the solution.

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Ocean Sunglasses specializes in making sunglasses you can wear while doing extreme sports, like surfing.They have a wide variety of styles to fit each sports specific needs and conditions and they all will give your eyes 100% UV protection.

So whether you are just cruising around on the beach cruiser, or charging 10 foot Blacks Beach, there will be a pair made just for you.

We got a hold of two pairs of Ocean Sunglasses and took them for a whirl in the ocean.Here is our review.

ocean glasses AustraliaThe Australia Model is made with a built in strap on the back of the glasses that help hold them to your head.When I tightened the glasses strap as tight as possible, they fit snug to my large head, (I wear a 7 5/8 fitted cap) but they were not tight.

Because they aren’t tight like goggles, this model is great for surfing smaller waves and for those flat summer days out on the SUP. If you want to take them out on a bigger day, make sure you have the glasses leash (also made by Ocean Sunglasses) so you don’t lose them.

Overall the glasses are very comfortable and when you duckdive, the lenses clear out quick making them great for surfing.


The other model we tested out is the Tierra De Fuego. These are great because they are 2 pairs of glasses in 1.They come with regular earpieces for use on land, and when you hit the surf you can easily pop them out and pop in a strap to hold them tightly to your face.

These shades have a padding you can add or remove and they can fit as tight as you want them to. Being able to tighten them super tight makes them more like a goggle than sunglasses for when you surf. Just make sure you have the face pad on when you tighten them up so they are comfortable to your face.

If you are going to get tossed around a lot and don’t want to lose your sunglasses, or use the leash, these are the surfing shades for you. After you duckdive, keep your eyes closed for a second or two because it takes a bit for the water to drain out.

Overall, if your eyes struggle in the sun or you just want to be smart and protect them in the surf, make sure you pick up a pair of Ocean Sunglasses. Make sure you check out the many styles of shades they have at a-o-sports.com

Don’t forget to let us know how you like them and if you would wear them in the lineup?

Here are some extra photos we took while trying the glasses out:





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