Surf Art by Drew Brophy

Talented and inspiring art is something that anyone can appreciate. The same goes with talented and unique surf art. Not only is this style of art something that surfers automatically appreciate, it’s also a genre that everyone can enjoy.

Drew Brophy is among one of the most innovative and talented surf artists of today, and a lot of his work can be found on surfboards and surf apparel around the globe.

Brophy, a self taught artist originally from South Carolina, has made his way through the surf art world with his vibrant depictions of perfect waves and sunny beaches.

His artwork not only leaves the viewer in awe, they are also left inspired. The majority of his personal inspiration comes from his surf travels around the world. In fact, he originally used his artistic talent to help fund his many surf adventures.

After years of painting and traveling, his surf art started to become more popular. In 1996 he left his residence in Hawaii and settled in Southern California and once there he began to make a career out of his love for painting.

In California he began to work with other artists and companies including Lost Surfboards where he did surfboard art on Matt Biolos surfboards.

Today Drew Brophy and his wife run Son of the Sea, a surf art company that licenses Drew’s and other artists art out to companies who produce high-end products with their designs printed on them.

Today you can find numerous boogie boards, beach towels, t-shirts and other products with Drew’s designs on them.

In his professional career of over 20 years he has produced and continues to produce countless works of art. Many of his custom painted surfboards are sold in galleries throughout the world.

Drew Brophy paints such unique and amazing waves that anyone who sees his surf art can’t help but want to learn more about surfing. It’s art like this that helps the world understand surfing. You can see and purchase more surf art and other products by Drew Brophy on his website at:

Here’s a video interview that features a lot of Drew’s artwork:

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