Surf Apparel for Warm Water: Rash Guards & Sun Protection

Rashes and sunburns. On a surf trip to a warm water surf spot, apart from bodily injury caused by the waves and bowel irregularity caused by foreign foods, rashes and sunburns are two things that you want to avoid at all costs.These two terrors can make a perfect surf vacation incredibly uncomfortable.Here is a look at a few ways to remain comfortable on your warm water adventure.

Rash Guards – As much as you may love the sun beating down on your bare back, your body can only handle so much.Here are a few rash guards that not only protect your stomach, chest and armpits from rash, but are made to protect you from the sun as well.

Quiksilver Rash GuardQuiksilver – The Sure Shot L/S Crew, made of UV Tech Lycra, a low neck to avoid neck irritation and a board short fastener loop.$39.95

O'Neil Rash GuardO’Neill – Skins S/S Crew, seamless armpits to keep your paddle zone rash free, board short connector, and a guarantee of 50+ UV protection.$33.95

Rash Tee or Surf Shirts – also becoming a popular item in place of the rash guard (see Tim’s earlier post on Quicksilver’s surf shirt for a full review on these) as they have more of an inO'Neil Rash Shirt-between rash guard and t-shirt fit and feel.

O’Neill Skins S/S Rash Tee, boasting a quick dry, with again 50 + UV protection, board short connector, as well as full rash protection for the chest and arm pits.$33.95Dakine Surf Shot

Dakine Surf Shirt S/S, super light and loose fitting, made of polyester mesh and promising 40+ UV protection.$34.99

Quiksilver Rash TeeQuiksilver Taxed Cotton S/S Surf Tee, a board short fastener loop, cotton and spandex material combined to allow appropriate stretch and UV protection.Pantagonia Rash Guard

Hooded L/S Rash Guardthe one shown here is provided by Patagonia at a pretty penny, and is designed to keep you completely sunburn free.The hood has a built in neoprene visor that fits snug with a locking draw cord.The rash guard also comes with a rear zipper pocket and a loop at the front to attach to board shorts.I would only recommend something like this on a trip to somewhere with incredible heat potential, and particularly if you have significantly fair skin.$79.99

Rashie ShortRashie Shortshorts like these Quicksilver ones featured here can really be a life saver.The longer the better, so you can get them to protect both your crotch and your thighs (two places that can leave you absolutely miserable) from the rash of sitting on your board. These ones come with a leg gripper and a draw cord waist so you know that they are going to stay on.I know that they seem funny, but they are the best kept secret when it comes to avoiding rashes in your trunks, just remember that they are to be worn under your shorts. . . that is to say you should still wear something over them.$39.95

RemedyIf you do get a rash, be sure to bring along something to take care of it.My two biggest suggestions:

Vaseline throw in a little tube of this guy and rub it under your arms, on your thighs, or wherever you have the rash and it typically allows you to surf right on through the rash.Of course prevention of the rash would be ideal, but if not, this stuff really

Gold Bond has saved my life more than once.I suppose not literally, but it is really some great stuff.You can read the directions on the bottle for specifics, but I recommend bringing this with you.A slight tingling sensation, but clears up a rash in a flash.

Sunscreenso many different things that you can go with on this, whatever you decide, make sure that along with being high in UV protection, it is actually waterproof.I would recommend checking out previous posts reviewing:


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