The Surf Book: The Encyclopedia of Surfing

the-encyclopedia-of-surfingEverything surfing?  Even as I turn the book over in my hands I am still kind of shocked that someone tried to put everything there is to know about surfing or, related to surfing, into one book.

I mean really, you are telling me that all the information related to surfing on planet earth is in this book?  Well, if it is all in here or not, there is certainly more information in this book than I could have imagined and enough to keep anyone busy for a long time as the book comes to a stop on its 723rd page of information.

As a former pro surfer and the previous editor of Surfer magazine, Matt Warshaw seems about as qualified as anyone to take on this project and definitely proved his qualification with the outcome.  It is fun to just open up the book and learn something new.  Here I will randomly open it up and share with you a few of the gems:

Hui, The  

So, it turns out that The Hui had an actually beginning, 1975, with a founder co-founder and everything.  Let’s keep reading… okay, so while they don’t affiliate with any organized crime, such as drug dealing or extortion, they do publicly claim that you will want to stay out of there way on the beach.  I feel like I knew that one already, let’s try again:

Hobgood, Clifton “CJ”  

I didn’t know that CJ’s real first name was Clifton.  Hmmm . . .



It seems that in 2001, after traveling by “Jeep, boat and camel” under armed guard, 3 British surfers became the first to surf the Arabian Sea from the Pakistani coast.  Crazy.

Everything I tell ya!  I am not sure if these three were the best examples, but it has everything.

Now, all of the information might not be that useful, but most of it is definitely interesting.  I have loved a lot of the sections that focus on the history and evolution of surfing as well as learning about specific breaks and how to surf different spots all over the world.

If you are one of those people who like random information, or are simply looking for a new coffee table book, check this one out.

Did I mention it had pictures?

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