Zinka: A Colorful Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

zinka1My Headhunters Face Stick has been running low lately so I was looking through the sunscreens that we have at my house, and came across a tube of Zinka. Zinka is basically the same stuff as the Headhunters Face Stick, a zinc oxide sunscreen formula meant to protect your face from the sun while surfing.

I have no idea who in the house owns the Zinka, since I have never seen anyone use it, so I took it and have been using it ever day now for 2 weeks. To be honest, it works just as well as the Headhunters Face Stick in my opinion. But there are some definite differences between the two choices, each product having their pros and cons.

zinka on surferI’ll start off with some of the pros of using Zinka. First, you get to choose between 9 different colors, which makes applying sunscreen a little more exciting. It tends to rub in a bit better than the Face Stick, evenly covering every part of your face that you want it to. And last of all, it costs only $6 and you are getting a little more out of each tube than one Headhunter’s Face Stick, which costs double that price. There are also some things about Zinka that I do not like.

First of all, it feels sticky on your face, and stays that way for a long time. Sand gets stuck to it giving you 80-grit sandpaper skin, and the next day when you wake up, there are still traces of it on your face even having wiped it off with a towel. And lastly, you have to apply it with your fingers, so that kind of leaves your fingers colored and sticky for a little bit.

17_spf30Overall, I like using this stuff. Regardless of anything negative I had to say about it, the main point is that it does its job as a sunscreen very well. It’s the type of sunscreen that you only want to use when you are really exposing yourself to powerful UV rays for a long period of time. I don’t normally use zinc oxide sunscreen like this everyday, but when its summer time and I am in the water for more than just a few hours in the middle of the day, zinc oxide sunscreens are the best out there to protect your face.

For those of you who are against the thick zinc oxide sunscreens, they also make a clear face sunscreen, which I have not tried myself, but based on their 20 year history in the business, I would expect it to be pretty good.

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