Big Blue: The Wavestorm SUP Review

A while back thesurfingblog did a review on the 8’ foam board that you most likely have seen in your local lineup over the last couple years that we all know as the Wavestorm.

In the last couple years, the Wavestorm has been the go to board for those beginning to surf and for those just looking into buying a longboard for super small days because of its cheap price and decent performance. With the popularity of SUP surfboards taking off, it was only a matter of time before we saw a Wavestorm SUP board.Here is our take on why you will, or already have seen the big blue SUP boards at your local spot.


photo-1China pop out or not, the board is cheap.Regular SUP boards start out above $1,000 while the Wavestorm SUP will run you $469.99 plus tax.

Unless you are a hardcore SUP surfer, spending over a grand on something you might only take out a couple times a year doesn’t make economic sense.

The $500 price tag of the Wavestorm alone makes it super appealing. The craziest thing about buying your board from Costco that you won’t ever, ever find anywhere else, is their return policy.

Yes, if you take out the board and you aren’t happy with it, take it back for a full refund.It doesn’t even have to be broken or defective in order to return it.  If you simply just don’t want it anymore, you can take the board back and get all your money back.


photo1Wavestorm surfboards are foam. They aren’t the kind of foam you see in surfboard blanks, but they are a very condensed foam that doesn’t suck up water.

The design of this foam is perfect for making a safe and durable board.When they made the SUP board they didn’t skimp on the use of foam and created quite a thick board that will be able to take some beatings and float a lot of weight.

By no means are we claiming the board is unbreakable. But unless you are surfing a Teahupoo like wave, (not recommended) it should be quite a hard board to break.

All those times you hit the door frame while you are trying to lug your 10’+ SUP board out the door won’t phase the board a bit.


SUP boards are large, thus making them hard to maneuver in the lineup for those learning to surf them.Unfortunately my experiences with SUP boards in the lineup have been scary more often than not.An advantage of the Wavestorm board is that the foam won’t cause as much damage to the learning SUP surfer or others in the lineup when things go wrong.Regular SUP boards are large, heavy and hard.

They can cause severe damage when surfers are just learning to ride a SUP.Wavestorm boards are great for beginner SUP surfer because the foam will be much more forgiving while you are still learning.Remember that even if you have shortboarded your whole life, riding a SUP is going to be a whole new experience.Foam boards are your friend.


photo-3Like all SUP surfboards, Wavestorm boards are just as good as any SUP for more than just surfing.When you wake up and the waves are flat, you can pull out your Wavestorm SUP and go paddle around for a good workout or just to cruise the sea.

While you are out paddling you can experience the freedom of being out at sea and can really take in the natural beauty around you.

If you are lucky you will be visited by dolphins, whales, but hopefully not by our good friend “whitey”. If you are a surfer living inland, or just someone who is interested in surfing, the Wavestorm is a perfect board to cruise around on at the lake. It’ll be much cheaper and work just as good as a very expensive board.

photo-2Overall, if you are planning on taking up SUP surfing and don’t have a $1000+ budget, the Wavestorm SUP board is your best option. Like the famous blue Wavestorm longboard, it is the perfect beginners board.

Even if you are a hardcore SUP surfer and already have a board or two that cost you a lot of money, you should invest in a Wavestorm board for that day when your neighbor or friend wants to give SUP boarding a try and you don’t want him using one of your expensive babies.

If you have used one or already own one of these big blue boards, let us know what you think.Would you recommend them to fellow surfers?How do you feel about these boards being sold at Costco?

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  • This SUP is so balanced and easy to use. With this purchase we now have 3. Unfortunately I’m not sure wave storm makes this board anymore and so the one we ordered from Amazon when we couldn’t get it anywhere else came slightly dented did on the bottom and side despite being more expensive than the 2 we previously purchased from Costco. However, the built in seat makes it ideal fo r switching to kayak mode mid paddle. My spouse uses a kayak paddle for both modes as the SUP paddle is heavier and has to be taken apart to switch to kayaking. Deducted a star for minor dent damage that was NOT caused by delivery guys.


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